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Buy with confidence with Glenn Miller Safe and Lock, Inc.

Buying a safe to protect your belongings is a good investment, if you buy the right one that is. Despite what you might see for quick purchase in many of the large discount stores, buying a new safe should be a well thought out decision and not just an impulse purchase.

A safe is a specialty item and is always best purchased from a reputable dealer, Glenn Miller, who can work with you and answer all of your important questions on construction, ratings and level of protection. Each year, thousands of homes and businesses are burglarized. No one is exempt from crime, regardless of where you live or work. Thieves are largely interested in items that are small enough to carry out of the home, such as jewelry, guns, cash, check books, credit cards, tools, photo equipment, spare keys and more. Many of these items can be sold to pawn shops and they are also quick sale items on the streets. Do you have a safe in your home or place of business? If not, now might an ideal time to think about getting one. All of the items mentioned earier can be locked away in a safe thereby stopping personal loss. Fire protection is an important property to consider.

Purchase a safe not only for your protection, but for a loved ones protection. Safes are a great gift idea/ birthday/ holiday/ graduation/ weddings.

I sell top of the line UL rated safes: Floor, wall, depository, fire, burglary fire (BF), Gun safes, Data and Media Safes, TL15 & TL30 rated safes. I recommend Gardall (made in Syracuse, NY) and American Security Products (AMSEC, made in California). 


• SAFES/ SELL/ UL Rated Safes • Open – Manipulate and/or Penitrate • Safe combination changes • Manual and Electronic combinations • Moving and installing safes

Did you know: STAMP and data media material are not protected fully in a fire safe. You need protection at a lower temperature and humidity level.

PS. Safes can be a great, caring gift for college, weddings, birthdays and holidays!